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Summer Term

These flyers will provide you with information on each event. If you are entering multiple events, please refer to the multiple event entry form below to simplify the process. You will still need to refer to individual flyers for information on team numbers and further details regarding rules and event times. 

Flyers can also be accessed via the online calendar by clicking on the event you wish to enter.

Please note we are not currently accepting entries for the Summer term events and schools will be notified via email when they are able to enter before the end of half term 4.

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Individual Event Flyers Summer Term

Year 3/4 Rugby Union Mega Fest

Top Sportsability Multi-Sport Festival (Invasion games)

Year 3/4 Orienteering Competition(s)

Year 3 Mini Tennis Competition(s)

Year 5/6 Kwik Cricket Tournament(s)

Year 4/5 Bee Netball CVL

Year 4 Mini Tennis Competition(s)

Year 5/6 Tri Golf Competition

Year 2 Tri Golf Competition

Year 5/6 Girls Kwik Cricket Tournament(s)

Year 5/6 Orienteering Competition

Key Steps Gymnastics Competition

Change 4 Life: Celebration Festival

Change 4 Life: Lawn Bowls Festival

Gateshead Primary Athletics Festival - Entry form to be distributed seperately at a later date.

Year 5/6 Mini Tennis Competition(s)

KS1 Outdoor and Adventurous Festival

Top Sportsability Primary Multi-Sport Festival (Striking and fielding)

Year 5/6 Rugby League Competition

Year 3/4 Kwik Cricket Festival(s)

Secondary Events:

SSCo Calendar Of Events