Young Ambassadors at the Houses of Parliament

Gateshead's Young Ambassadors (Karl Richardson - Lord Lawson, Robbie Costello and Hana Bartle - Whickham) recently attended the national Young Ambassador protest at the Houses of Parliament in London.  Their message.......SAVE OUR SCHOOL SPORT!!

Following the Government Comprehensive Spending Review and the announcement that 100% of School Sport funding would be cut, the Borough's Young Ambassadors for sport have been outraged and working hard to urge a re-think.

The Gateshead trio joined hundreds of other Young Ambassadors from across the Country in the protest, at which a petition with over 500,000 signatures was submitted.

Ian Mearns MP for Gateshead (pictured above, left) was in attendance at the protest and is in full support of the campaign.  Ian was also kind enough to invite the Young Ambassadors into the House of Commons for a tour and to further spread the positive message of PE and School Sport.  Our sincere thanks goes out to Ian for his help, advice and support to date.

What next??.........THE FIGHT GOES ON!!......Watch this space!!