Gateshead Primary Schools PE Conference 2010/2011


The Gateshead Primary Schools PE Conference was held on Tuesday 11th January at South Causey Equestrian Centre.

A very informative day outlined the Coalition Government's Comprehensive Spending Review on PE & School Sport (PESS) and the implications for the SSP structure across the Gateshead Primary School network.  Further work was carried out around what the future landscape of PESS may look like, in-keeping with the Conference title of "New Beginnings".

Cheryl Day (SSP Dance Link Teacher & NE Lead Dance Practitioner for the Youth Sport Trust) delivered a session on the Dance Outreach programme in Gateshead.  Members of the Gateshead Dance Academy performed a superb dance demonstration to accompany the presentation given by Cheryl.

A profile of the fantastic development work carried out in Gateshead was supplemented by a presentation and demonstration of Mini Fencing by Ryan Murphy.  Many thanks to those "volunteers" that took part in the mini-session that Ryan delivered.

Special thanks must go to South Causey Inn and their staff for their hospitality on the day as well as Cheryl and Ryan who gave up their time to present.