Ryton Junior's Paralympic Challenge

Over the past few months, we have been trying out a selection of Paralympic Sports. Year 4 began with Goalball, Year 3 had a go at Sitting Volleyball and Year 6 have tried out Blind Football. It was certainly a challenge and alot was learnt from the experience but most of all, everyone loved these new activities and it certainly be something we will continue with in PE lessons next year.

Playing blind football really showed me how different it is to have impaired vision and how confusing it could be to lose a sense. I felt more understanding and empathy with the visually impaired and realised how important sporting opportunities like those that the Paralympic Games offer are. Learning a new skill like blind football has been amazing and I fully believe that it is vital to give EVERYONE an opportunity to try and enjoy the fun of sport.


Playing blind football has been a good chance for me to put myself in the shoes of someone who is partially or fully blind. It is a hard game but a fun game because at first you don’t know where you are going or where the ball is, you just have to listen. It was easier when we had a guide as we could be directed and we then knew where the ball was.  When I scored it was fantastic because I was the first one to score on my team and it was the first time I had ever played. I feel I now know a lot more about this Paralympic game.    


Playing blind football was a great experience and gave us a chance to try a new skill. It is incredible that players can make this difficult game seem so easy. I wish that I could be as talented as those who give this tricky game a go and succeed. I have great admiration for the athletes who play it and can’t wait to see the competitors in this year’s Games.



Playing volleyball sitting down was great and it was lots of fun trying out a new sport.  It also made me think about how hard it must be for those people who compete in the Paralympics, I think they must be very talented to be able to do something like that.  I really enjoyed trying to volley the ball when it came over the net into my team’s half. If I had the chance, I would love to play this game again because it was so much fun!


I thoroughly enjoyed playing volleyball sitting down because we really had to work as a team and I love taking part in team sports. I thought it was lots of fun passing the ball quickly to my team mates so that we could find space on the other side of the net and score points. I think that people who compete in the Paralympics must have to work very hard and do lots of practice because it was difficult to follow the ball around the court and get to where I needed to be.  I would definitely like to play this game again, it was brilliant!


I really enjoyed playing Paralympic volleyball because it was lots of fun and I have played volleyball before.  My favourite part was serving because I liked hitting the ball over the net and it felt different doing a sport and sitting down!


It was lots of fun playing a different sport. I really enjoyed playing volleyball sitting down and I liked trying to get the ball over the net to score points.  I have never played a Paralympic sport before but I would really like to play this or a similar game sometime!


Michael in Year 4 has started training and competing in Blind Football this year and has already represented his club in Birmingham where he won his first football award. Well done Michael! Maybe you can give those Year 6's some tips!