Ryton's Personal Challenges

Over the past few months, all the pupils have set themselves personal goals. Some have achieved them and some are still working hard to accomplish their personal target. Here are a few of them: 

Achieved: To make it into the cross-country team for school. To achieve my goal I have had to complete many races and practice in the park and surrounding fields. I am quite proud of how I have done because there are many much faster runners than me and I have always wanted to be part of the team since Y3.

Maia Y6 

Achieved: To complete my first 10 mile endurance ride.I have been practising and planning the ride for months, trying to complete stages in a certain time. I became better and better and then I was ready to give it a go.

Lauren Y6

Achieved: To perform a round-off flick on the floor in gymnastics. I take gymnastics lessons twice a week and have been practising the skill on my trampoline.

Anna Y4 

Achieved: To score 10 goals this season for Ryton F.C.I trained twice a week, played for the school team and practised at home.

Anthony Y5 

Achieved: To win the County 7’s Cup in Rugby.I have trained twice a week with my team as this has been my dream since I started playing rugby. We have worked incredibly hard and won 23 out of 25 games this season. Next year we will push even harder.

James Y6

Achieved: To progress to the big pool in swimming and be able to swim a whole length. I have worked really hard in my swimming lessons and listened carefully to the teacher about my technique.

Harry Y4 

Achieved: For the first time I finally had the courage to abseil at Kingswood. I had to summon up the courage to climb over the top of the wall which was difficult but once I had done it I felt so proud.

Sammy Y6 

Still working at it: To get the butterfly stroke right in swimming. I am working hard on this stroke in swimming lessons and we have practised the style a lot. I hope I will perfect it soon.

Steffi Y3 

Still working at it: Completing the 800m in less than 3 minutes.I have been training harder at Harriers than I normally do and competing in more competitions to improve my stamina. I would like to complete this goal before the Olympics start.

Georgia Y6 

Still working at it: To do 15 hours of activity a week.I have been going out to the park more often, riding my bike and taking part in Change 4 Life Club after school.

Emily Y4 

Still working at it: To do 5minutes of hoola-hooping without the hoop hitting the ground.  I have been getting up earlier so that I can fit my training in before school.

Ailsa Y5