Inaugral Year 5/6 High 5 Netball Summer League underway

The inaugral Year 5/6 High 5 Netball Summer League got underway this evening at Joseph Swan Academy. This Central Venue League has been included in our annual calendar for the first time this year following a request from our schools.  We hope it will become a regular and established fixture in future years.

The following teams will compete against each other over 3 weeks for the right to become Summer League champions for 2013:

  • Clover Hill
  • Corpus Christi
  • Caedmon
  • Dunston Hill A
  • Dunston Hill B

The league\'s first evening was blessed with good weather and some great play to match. We were also fortunate to have umpires from Joseph Swan\'s Year 8 Netball Team to help the games run smoothly.

The league standings following 2 rounds of play are as follows: