Paralympic Challenge - Larkspur Primary

Paralympic Challenge

Key Stage 2 children tried playing some different Paralympic Sport’s.

They have played: Sitting Volleyball


                              Blind - folded Football


  •  Reception children explored paralympic activities using the blind folds and bell ball.

















Sitting Volleyball


    \"We played sitting volleyball on our botoms. We all had to try and hit the ball and we were not allowed to go on our knees and feet. It was really hard.\"

Katelyn, Year 4 







  \" I thought trying the paralympic sport\'s was the best! It was great fun, but very tricky. \"

Caitlin, Year4








 \" I found the volleball hard because it was hard to move fast to get to the ball. \"

Hadi, Year 4









\"The paralympic sport\'s were really fun especially the blind folded goalball. We had to sense the ball with the bell and tried to score a goal. It was really hard.\"

Charlotte, Year 4








 \"We were blindfolded and on the floor we had to listen for the bell in the ball and we tried to get the ball in the goal while we were blindfolded. It was funny.\"

Georgia, Year 4





Blindfolded Football

 \"I played football blindfolded. It was great fun and made me appreciate how difficult it must be for children who can\'t see.\"                          

Georgia                                                                 \"\"

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