Personal Best Challenge - Larkspur Primary

  • Some Year 6 children set themselves personal best challenges that they wanted to achieve by the end of the year.


\"I would like to improve my batting skills in Cricket and Ronder\'s. I\'ve completed my target by playing cricket and ronder\'s often in PE lessons and at play times. I try to focus on the ball so I can hit better. I\'ve taken part in a Kwik Cricket tournament and Ronder\'s Tornament with Fell Dyke School. \"



\"I would like to be able to get a bit quicker in running races. I have tried to run faster by using different methods. I have kept a record of my race times during the summer term to see if my times have improved. They have improved slightly but I would still like to improve my time further.\"



\"I would like to improve my basketball skills. I\'ve achieved this because I was chosen to go to a basketball tournament as part of the school basketball team. I achieved this by taking part in basketball coaching sessions in school and practising on the basketball court in the yard whenever I got the chance.\"



\"I set myself a goal to improve my football skills to make me a better footballer. I have achieved this by practising at play times on the school field and I also joined a football club outside of school. I was chosen to be a member of the Year 5/6 school football team and represented the school at a football festival at South Street School.\"



\"My personal best challenge is to improve on my gymnastics. I really enjoy gymnastics so I wanted to get better. I am nearly there. I can do a lot more things but I\'m not perfect yet. I have demonstrated my skills in a school performance to the international visitors we had this year.\"



\"My personal target is to improve my throwing. I have practised throwing under arm and over arm and measured the distance I can throw. My distance has now improved and I can beat lots of other children\'s throws in my class. I feel I can throw better and bowl over arm when I play cricket. I have been able to bowl at a cricket and rounder\'s tournament this year.\"