Gateshead Young Ambassadors 2013-14


(Left to right:  Luke Cuthbertson, Kate Stephenson) 

Gateshead SSP recently appointed their new Young Sports Ambassadors for 2013-14.Our two new 'Gold Sports Ambassadors' are Luke Cuthbertson (left) and Kate Stephenson (right), both from Lord Lawson of Beamish School.  The Gold Ambassador role is partnership wide and they will be responsible for the promotion of the Olympic/Paralympic Games and the ideals/values attached to the games.

Beneath the Gold Ambassadors, a team of 'Silver Sports Ambassadors' are to be appointed (2 in each Gateshead Secondary School).  The Silver Ambassadors will form the majority of the YA team, working within their own Schools and Cluster Primary Schools to spread the Olympic/Paralympic message.