Year 5/6 Mini Hockey Tournament

Year 5/6 Mini Hockey Tournament

@Cardinal Hume

The first of 2 Gateshead School Sports Partnership, Year 5/6 Mini Hockey Tournament took place at Cardinal Hume Academy on the 4/3/14. 10 teams took part from 6 Primary schools (Oakfield, South Street, St Anne’s, Bill Quay, St Joseph Gateshead RCVA and Brighton Avenue).

The 10 teams were split in to 2 groups (A or B) of 5 teams and they played each team in their group once. After the first rounds of fixtures were played, teams were then split in to League 1 or 2.

Teams that qualified to League 2 were; South Street (C), South Street (B), Oakfield (A), Bill Quay (A) and St Joseph Gateshead RCVA. Teams that qualified to League 1 were; South Street (A), St Anne’s, Oakfield Juniors (B), Brighton Avenue and Bill Quay (B). Each team played every team in their League once which produced the tournament final standings.

The winners of League 1 were South Street (A) who were unbeaten throughout the tournament. St Anne's were the runners up and both teams have qualified to the Gateshead Finals which takes place at Whickham School and Sports College on the 12th March 2014.