year 5/6 Mini Hockey Gateshead Finals

The Gateshead Finals of the Year 5/6 Mini Hockey took place at Whickham School and Sport  College on 12/3/14. 8 teams from 6 primary schools qualified for the Finals (Portobello (B), Fellside (B), Harlow Green, South Street (A), Portobello (A), Fellside (A), Front Street (B) and St Anne’s). All of the teams showed exceptional ability and proof to why they achieved the right to compete in the Gateshead Finals.


The teams were separated into two groups of four; they then played each other once. After this the top two teams from both groups combined thus creating League 1, third and fourth in the groups combined to make League 2 again they then played each team in their league once.


On conclusion of the league fixtures, the winner of League 2 was Harlow Green, and the winner of League 1 and representing Tyne and Wear in the Sainsbury’s Schools Games County Finals was Fellside (A). The County finals will take place in the 2nd April at Westgate Centre for Sport.


Gateshead School Sport Partnership awarded 2 Respect Awards, recipients were Portobello (B) from League 2 and South Street (A) from League 1 as both teams demonstrated exceptional sportsmanship, fair play and respect towards opposition and officials.


Results and final standings can be viewed via the following link;