Gateshead Primary Change 4 Life Festival

Change 4 Life Sports Club Festival

The first Change 4 Life Primary Sports Club Festival took place at Gateshead Leisure Centre. 7 primary schools took part they were; Gibside, St Anne's, Falla Park, South Street St Mary's, St Peter's and Emmaville.

The festival succesfully achieved its aim to provide a fun and enjoyable day for pupils that took part in a range of multi-skill activities. 

Each school made there way through all of the 9 activities which were based on the 'Creative' 'Target' 'Adventurous' equipment bags that schools have already received. We also incorporated the new Change 4 Life equipment bags available to schools 'Combat' and Flight', allowing schools to experience the various types of activities available from those equipment bags.

Please see our media gallery for more pictures from the event.

A great day which was hopefully enjoyed by all, with plans for more Change 4 Life Festivals in the near future!