Year 5/6 Mini Tennis @ Cardinal Hume

The first Year 5/6 mini tennis tournament took place at Cardinal Hume which garnered much interest as 10 schools took part they were; St Anne’s, St Joseph’s Gateshead, Wardley, South Street, Bill Quay, Oakfield Junior, St Peter’s, St Oswald’s, St Albans and Carr Hill.

A team consisted of 4 boys and 4 girls who were seeded 1 to 4 all of whom played 4 single games in a round robin style tournament. An impressive standard of tennis and sportsmanship was showcased throughout the tournament.

Once all the games had been played results were collated and St Alban’s had a highly successful day with winners in the Girls section they were; seed 1 Alicia Storey, seed 2 Isla Maggs, seed 4 Sian Dunn and in the boys section seed 2 Harry Moffatt.

Other winners on the day were;

Bill Quay seed 1’s Jay Herald and Emilia Foster.

Carr Hill seed 1 Shay Rettle and seed 3 Curtis Sanderson.

St Anne’s seed 3 Grace Donnelly.

Wardley seed 3 Matthew Griffiths.

South Street seed 4’s Alex Fletcher, Abbie Fisk and seed 2 Caitlyn Oakley.

St Oswald’s seed 4 Lewis Freeman.

A fantastic day of tennis, well done to all who took part and thank you to the young leaders from Cardinal Hume who assisted the tournament.