Gateshead Primary PE Conference

Thanks to all staff who attended last week's PE Conference; "One Goal, One Vision, One Gateshead". We hope you found the content of use and trust that it will help in your role as PE Co-ordinator during 2014/15.  

In keeping with the theme of the conference is was particularly fitting that we were able to end the day with a shared vision for Physical Education and School Sport across Gateshead:

 “Our vision is for all school age (4-19) children and young people in Gateshead to experience and enjoy High Quality Physical Education, physical activity and school sport (PEPASS) building the foundations for an active and healthy lifestyle.”

Use the links below to download presentation and resources from the event:


Welcome & Introduction
(Yvonne Hoyland – Strategic Manager, Gateshead SSP)


Opening remarks providing an opportunity to take stock, reflect and celebrate all that was achieved in the 2013/14 academic year whilst setting sights on the year ahead, the new challenges in store and the opportunities available. 


Gateshead School Sport Partnership – A Shared Vision for 'Team Gateshead'
(Alex Perkins – Assistant Manager EAST, Gateshead SSP)


This session will focus on the vision for school sport across the Borough.  Emphasis will be placed on formalising a shared vision for the Gateshead School Sport Partnership and its wider network of schools, School Sport Co-ordinators and Primary PE Co-ordinators - 'Team Gateshead'.


Cluster Network Planning / Maximising your Sport Premium Funding
(Bryan Levey – School Sport Dev. Officer, Gateshead SSP)


A session differentiated by level of affiliation to the Gateshead School Sport Partnership:

1. Premium SLA Affiliates will be afforded time to meet their cluster School Sport Co-ordinator (SSCo) providing an opportunity to review the 2013/14 year, identifying key successes and identify areas where improvements can be made.  In particular, this represents vital planning time to set dates for cluster events and agree your provision of subject support for the year.  Delegates are asked to bring school/individual diaries to maximise the benefits of this session.

2. With support from a member of the GSSP team, none-Premium SLA Affiliates will find out more about the Ofsted accountability requirements associated with Government's Sport Premium Funding and what constitutes effective and acceptable use of this resource.



Creating Synergy and Demonstrating Impact Between National and Local Award Programmes
(Alex Perkins – Assistant Manager EAST, Gateshead SSP)
(Kevin Hay – Assistant Manager WEST, Gateshead SSP)


A structured session looking at Gateshead School Sport Partnership's 'Excellence' work strand:

1. Blazing The Trail - celebrating YOUR success and plans for 2014-15
2. A look ahead at the 2015 Gateshead School Sport Awards (inc. Young Sports Achievers & School Sport Innovation Awards)
3. A National Award - The Sainsbury's School Games (SSG) Mark; applying for 2014 and planning effectively for 2015

This session will involve taking delegates through a 'dry run' of the SSG Mark application process - to maximise the benefits it would be useful if you could come with an idea of the following figures and information for the 2013/14 academic year (years 3-6 only):
- % of pupils engaged in extracurricular sporting activity every week
- % of students used in leading, managing and officiating Sainsbury's School Games Activity
- Details of competitions/events you have entered and the no. of teams

Sainsbury's School Games Mark - Criteria / Sainsbury's School Games Mark - School Guidance / Sainsbury's School Games Mark - 2014/15 ACTION PLAN TEMPLATE / Sainsbury's School Games Mark - Blank Application Template



Innovation Award winners: Structured Peer Learning sessions
(Alex Perkins – Assistant Manager EAST, Gateshead SSP)


A peer lead 'round table' session during which delegates will have the opportunity to hear from colleagues who have been successful in their application for a 2014 Gateshead School Sport Innovation Award.  This will also afford an opportunity to discuss the identified topic areas in more detail with colleagues, sharing ideas and further examples of good practice.  The peer lead sessions will cover the following topics:

- Developing your Level 1 (intra-school) Competition Offer (Case Study)
- Maximising Level 2 (inter-school) Competition Opportunities (Case Study)
- Developing your Extra-Curricular Activity Programme (Case Study1 / Case Study 2)
- Achieving a Sainsbury’s School Games Mark Gold (Case Study / Example Tracking Sheet / Example Questionnaire)



Practical Workshops (A,B,C):


Delegates will be 'pre-grouped' and will participate in all 3 practical activities on a carousel basis (outlined below). Delegates are reminded to bring clothing suitable for light/moderate physical activity and drinking water.  Should you have any difficulty undertaking physical activity of this nature (e.g. injury) please inform a member of the GSSP team at your earliest convenience and provision will be made for you to observe.



A) How to Identify Pupils for the 'Showing Potential Academy'
(Tony Dowson - Whickham School PE Dept. & Shape Performance)


A session designed to equip delegates with the knowledge and tools to effectively identify Gifted and Talented pupils for the Gateshead School Sport Partnership's ' Showing Potential Programme' (2015).

Presentation / Testing Template 



B) Introduction & Development of Skipping Activities
(Chris Corcoran 'Mr Skippy' - Skipping School)


A fresh look at how the activity of skipping can be used to engage pupils within your school in physical activity.  The session will look at simple techniques that can be incorporated into a variety of school settings including extra-curricular activities and playground activities.

Notes & Thank You



C) Sportshall Athletics: Selecting & Training Your Team
(Andrea Fyall - Jarrow & Hebburn Athletics Club)


Gain the 'competitive edge' when selecting athletes to represent your school at the Gateshead School Sport Partnership's Yr 5/6 Sportshall Athletics competition.  Learn new tips and ideas on the best way to prepare this group of athletes for competing in a pathway where success can mean progression to a Level 3 County School Games final and beyond.


Plenary & Close


Summary, key points and actions from across the days content
Announcement of conference prize winner(s)