Year 3 Mini Tennis Competition

Summer is HERE! Our first Tennis Event took place at Heworth Grange on Thursday 30th April. A great day of Tennis for Wardley Primary, Roman Road Primary and Brandling Primary. 

The event included a combination of individual matches and a variety of skill challenges all of which were scored and tallied up to determine final standings (below).

Position School       Girls Challenges Girls Matches Boys Challenges Boys Matches Total Points
1. Wardley 18 15 20 16 69
2. Roman Road (A) 12 12 13 9 46
3. Brandling 11 8 13 9 41
4. Roman Road (B) 10 5 5 6 26

A total of 16 boys and 16 girls took part in the first of 4 of these Year 3 competitions, with the winners of each qualifying to the Gateshead FINALS.

Great British Tennis Weekend

Please take advantage of a FREE opportunity to take part in the Great British Tennis Weekend at Blaydon Tennis Club on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th May, further information can be found here.

Well done to all  the teams who took part and good luck to Wardley in the Gateshead FINALS.