KS1 Mini Astronaut Training Launch!

The KS1 Mini Astronaut Training has launched today! (5/10/120)

This fully inclusive resource is designed to help pupils develop the KS1 fundamental movements (catching, jumping, co-ordination, balance, running, throwing and agility) through fun space themed activities. 

This resource includes:

  • Mini Astronaut Training Camp – Training Resource (Activity Cards and Guidance)
  • Mini Astronaut Training Camp - Printable Resource pack
  • Mini Astronaut Training Camp - Individual Certificate Template
  • Mini Astronaut Training Camp - School Certificate Template

Training Resource

This pack contains activity cards which provide clear instructions throughout to help you run your event in school. The activity cards also include a differentiation section to help all abilities take part. Where equipment may not be available to you, alternatives are suggested so all schools should be able to run their event with the equipment they have. This event can run competitively if you wish, or you may decide to run it as a usual festival format without any competition. There are suggestions throughout the document as to where you may wish to add in the competitive element. 

Printable Resource Pack  

This resource provides you with pictures and signage for each activity to compliment the space theme and to replicate the set-up of the festival that would usually run.  Each activity card in the main resource will provide you with the page number you need in the printable resource pack for that specific activity.

Safety and Covid-19

Each activity is designed to require minimal contact and equipment sharing in your bubble. Included in the activity cards are safety suggestions to help minimise any risk. The activity card resource contains information on the current guidelines for Covid-19 for equipment sharing in school.

If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to get in touch for support!

We would love to see how you all get on, so please don’t forget to let us know either via email (schoolsportspartnership@gateshead.gov.uk) or social media @GatesheadSSP on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

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