The Wellbeing Winners programme aims to share success stories of the amazing people that work within your schools and make up our Gateshead Schools Health and Wellbeing Community!

Wellbeing Winners 2023 is LIVE and is open to pupils, parents / carers, teaching staff and other members of your school community, allowing you to nominate a ‘Wellbeing Winner’ from your school every half term. From the nominations, we will pick 1 member of staff, 1 pupil and/or 1 volunteer/member of the community and they will feature in the following half term’s newsletter as our Wellbeing Winners for the previous half term, as well as receiving a range of other prizes and an invite to the Gateshead Schools Sports Awards 2023 – putting your staff and pupils in the spotlight and sharing your stories with the rest of our Gateshead community!

If your school is affiliated to our Health & Wellbeing service and is interested in this programme, please contact your co-ordinator or our team directly on cwlhealthandwellbeing@gateshead.gov.uk.

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